2016 Thunder Car Rules

The rules and or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events, to
establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and
by participating in these events. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of or
compliance with these rules or regulations.
They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in
no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official. The word "track" shall mean Talladega Short Track.

Official 2016 Thunder Car Rules

Weight  2,700lbs Anytime

Engine - 362 cubic inches Ford/Chevy 374 Cubic in. Mopar
Block – Small blocks only, must be cast iron
Heads – Cast iron only, no raised runner heads, OEM valve angle.
Intake - Any
Cams – Flat tappet or hydraulic; No rollers.
Crank shafts – Stock Stroke.  No pendulum cut, knife edged or gun drilled cranks.
Valves – Stainless steel only
Rods – Any steel.
Pistons – Flat Top
Carburetor - Any  
No Dry Sump

Engine Setback – #1 spark plug to be even with center of Jackbolt 
Stock frame or front clip must extend to firewall. 
Front cross member can not be altered, except for fuel pump clearance, motor mounts, and rack mount.
Rear section maybe fabricated.
104" wheel base minimum required.
Minimum 1 ½ .083 roll cage tubing.

Front Suspension
Stock/OEM lower control arm, may run aftermarket tube type lower A-arms in stock mounting location.
May run aftermarket upper A Arms, Tie Rods, Spindles, Hubs, Steering Box or Rack and Pinion, Springs (min. 5" O.D.), and Jack Bolts OK.
No coil over or adjustable shocks.

Suspension Rear
Must have 5 inch minimum outside diameter springs.
May run pan hand bar or J Bar.
May run spring loaded pull bar, 90/10 Shock Above Pull Bar.
No coil over setups allowed.
One shock per wheel (non adjustable). Four Shock Total Per Car
Coil- eliminators are allowed or Jack Bolts
No 4-bar or swing arm setups.
Quick-change must have steel axle tubes.
Stock type Ford 9" OK.
No torque arms or 5th coils.

Stock steel or aluminum body.
Can run a fiberglass or aluminum roof and hood.
Must have a full firewall around driver.
 8" max. spoiler allowed

Wheels & Tires
Tire – Hoosier Spec – D-55
Wheel – Maximum 12" width, Bead Locks OK -  Steel Wheels Only

Transmission - Stock OEM or Brinn / Bert

Fuel - GAS only
Fuel cell mandatory and must be securely mounted


A. Pull one head check bore, stroke and head - $300.00.
B. Pull oil pan, check crank and rod - $375.00.
C. Track tech receives $100.00 of protest fee for inspecting engine.
D. Track official may inspect any car or driver’s condition at any time.
E. Official may give tolerances on some rules.
F. Track officials decision is final. 

A. Firesuits required; gloves and shoes recommended.
B. 5 point safety belts required.
C. Helmet and face protection required.
D. Working fire extinguisher required.
E. Kill switch must be clearly marked and in easy reach of driver.
F. All holes in firewall and floor pan in drivers area must be sealed.
G. Drivers head must be below top of roll bar.

H. Must have minimum of three windshield bars in front of driver’s cockpit.

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